17. Stop Making Excuses (or at least find better ones)

This one was prompted by a recent comment asking if I had turned forty yet. Yes I have, hence the hiatus; what is the point of continuing the blog if the main premise is no longer relevent? My excuse hinged on a single preposition which, in a title, isn’t even capitalised. Furthermore, until relatively recently, I wouldn’t have even been able to identify as a preposition (although I still had the sneaking suspicion about it not being capitalised). Never one to let a deadline stand in the way (prospective employers – please disregard), I am once again going to continue with the list and the blog (prospective employers read: committed) – at least until I find a better excuse. In the meantime, I’ve a loaf of bread to bake.


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  1. I love it Nicole. Keep ’em coming.

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