Number 8 – Learn to Salsa

I have now signed up for six weeks of unlimited dance classes.

My experience in dance is somewhat limited to dancing around to Barry Manilow’s greatest hits and Grease in my mother’s white PVC boots on the back porch, pretending to be Olivia Newton-John or the newest member of Young Talent Time. Skip to drunken nights out with a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other, trying to keep an eye out for my friend who may well leave me for the guy she’s snogging in the corner – with the odd dance class thrown in.

Last night, in preparation, I practised Just Dance on the Wii.  For those unfamiliar with this game, it involves following an animated dancer through a routine, during which you are given an indication of your skill such as good, bad or okay and awarded various stars (or not) depending on how well you have done. This is determined using a hand-held device reminiscent of  the alcoholic beverages of my earlier days. At the end of each routine, you receive a score and are awarded an overall rating such as ‘smooth’, ‘energetic’ and ‘wild’.

After trying to follow Jazzy dance to Jai Ho eight times I am, at worst, ‘lazy’ and, at best, ‘creative’ in my dance, which I interpret in the same way I would a friend’s comment about a new haircut being ‘different’.

Somewhat discouraged by the following Just Dance review:

While the lack of true dance coaching may be frustrating, players will quickly realize that the choreography break-down is not really necessary here.  The choreography has some complex moves, yes, but the same moves are repeated throughout the song, allowing you to learn it over time.  If you don’t catch it the first few times, you’re almost guaranteed to have the moves memorized in the third play-through of any given song.

(remember, I did perform the same routine eight times);

I have, however, found a little loophole which could see me crossing this one off:

If you like dancing to the beat of your own drum, the Just Create mode is perfect for you!  In Freestyle, it allows you to create your own choreography for any given song and then have friends dance to it.

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