Forty Before Forty

When I was young(er), I read a magazine article – ‘thirty things to do before you turn thirty’. Being some fifteen years off, I ripped it out and put it aside and lost it long before I got anywhere close to the end or the age. Now, ten years past the deadline, I have decided to make my own, and in the spirit of the original idea, it has become a list of forty things to do before I turn forty. Some are personal, some are ambitious, some are easier than others, and some are so overdue it’s a wonder I still think I’ll do them, and should either just be done or crossed off permanently.

So here they are (14 of them anyway):

1. Ski Wishing Well, the longest advanced run at Falls Creek
2. Write a novel (using the 90-day novel as my guide with only 82 days to write it)
3. Finish my quilt (even as I write this I’m full of doubt)
4. Read Ulysses (that’s been on so many of my lists now)
5. Learn to cook Thai (it was a signature dish on the original list)
6. Tone my butt (another that’s been on the list far too long)
7. Tidy my apartment (easier said than done with two kids – my two kids)
8. Learn to salsa (or any dance routine all the way through)
9. Learn to draw (using Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain) – very ambitious, I’ll download a drawing to show you my skill and how truly ambitious this one is
10. Pay off my credit card (yawn)
11. Quit smoking
12. Learn to apply make-up (really belongs on the fifteen before fifteen list, but better late than never)
13. Learn to surf (third time lucky?)
14. Watch The Godfather Trilogy
15. Find 26 more things to add to the list of forty things to do before I’m forty.

Now to work my way through them. Stay posted.

(Subject to change without notice)
Suggestions welcome.


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