Monthly Archives: September, 2012

Number 5 – Learn to cook Thai

Today I stocked up on the basics. Having gone through my recipe books last night, I made a list of all the ingredients I need to make any or all of the sauces, dressings, pastes and stocks within. What I failed to note were the main ingredients (meat, vegetables and rice/noodles). Thus, when it came …

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Number 1 – Ski Wishing Well

(not my top priority but the most immediate and achievable thing on my list right now) As we only have three full days skiing, there’s no time to muck around. Day 1 is a blizzard, hence a write-off. I don’t care; I have two more days. Day 2. Full of confidence I head up Summit …

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Forty Before Forty

When I was young(er), I read a magazine article – ‘thirty things to do before you turn thirty’. Being some fifteen years off, I ripped it out and put it aside and lost it long before I got anywhere close to the end or the age. Now, ten years past the deadline, I have decided …

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